Courage Does Not Always Roar

Choosing and achieving goals = courage, focus, & new wisdom

Courage does not always roar

. . . Sometimes it is the quite voice at the end of the day that says:

I will try again tomorrow.
Mary Anne Radmacher

Think of the acronym SPORT when you think of setting goals:

S Make your goals specific. EXAMPLE: ‘I want to feel normal nervousness about speaking in public
rather than petrified’.

P Make your goals positive. Move towards rather than away from a behaviour or feeling. EXAMPLE: I want to be more assertive instead of ‘I want to be less of a wimp!’.

O Make your goals observable. How would other people notice that you’d achieved your goal if they had to go on your behaviour alone?

R Make your goals realistic NOT pessimistic. Stick to what you can achieve. Your goals need to be within your reach and control. Concentrate on changes that you can elicit within yourself, not on changing others – get help if you struggle – no man is an island.

T Set your goals within a timeframe. Give yourself a deadline by which to reach your goals in order to help you remain focused and motivated – but be kind to yourself if you don’t get there as planned. Be flexible when you need to give yourself more time to achieve a goal: some goals take longer to reach than others – and things change along the way, so adjusting is normal.

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