Energy Therapist in Birmingham

As a CBT Counsellor and Coach, and Energy Therapist in Birmingham, I use many methods to support body – mind – spirit – heart healing.

I'm not normal 2I’m not your usual type of Energy Therapist. I’m not a Reiki practioner, I don’t do accupuncture, or Hopi Indian candles or Theta Healing – but I do use Energetic Neurolinguistic Programming (ENLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (usually known as Tapping).  


The reason?

I trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming.  As a counsellor and coach I’ve loved all the techniques and knowledge that I’ve accumulated these last 10 plus years. And People have made changes – fantastic changes in fact. 

I know personally how good these tools are.  I have applied them to my own life and I’ve made huge changes in my life.  They were and are: mind altering, behaviour altering, life altering and foundational to my world view.

1445697842-02fc92f4-7c77Still – I couldn’t help feeling that ‘I wasn’t home and dry’.

Happier – yes!  But restless – somehow not complete.

Something was missing.  I’ve always felt that it is important to look at human change in a holistic way – body mind spirit if you like. 

And, I knew that if I felt like this, then some of my clients would be feeling the same.

And that bothered me.

I began a personal and professional quest.  I wanted to find out what I was missing.

The next thing I knew, I found energy therapy – it found me, actually! But that’s another story for another time!  It appealed to me as it felt holistic, it made sense of my my restless thoughts and feelings.   It connected to my spiritual side as well.  I also realized that Energy Therapy wasn’t that far away from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Neurolinguistic programming.

A few years ago I discoverd a great way to use energy to support my clients. I found EFT Tapping and Energetic Neurolinguistic Programming (ENLP).  If you want to know more about ENLP and Art Giser, click on Solar Events.  If you are interested in EFT Tapping then read more about it with Nick Ortner and Jessica Ortner at The Tapping Solution.

Art Giser Quote

Energy Therapy is not some strange ‘out there’ kind of practice where you lose yourself in some kind of mindless trance.  ENLP and Tapping are great for the times when you are stuck and you’ve tried everything you know to try and you are still stuck and confused.  These therapies provide the space for you to get in touch with those elusive thoughts, feelings and experiences that bring relief and clarity – and often change the way you choose to live.

ENLP and Tapping give you the space to slow down – to really listen to the wisdom that is inside you.  This world is incredibly busy and full of ‘logic’ and ‘musts’, ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’.  Energy Therapy also includes meditation and mindfulness.  It gives you the ability to recognise your soul wisdom – working from a conscious and unconscious place. 

We meet face-to-face in Harborne, Birmingham or Skype anywhere in the world!

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