Bev Taylor, a Life Coach in Birmingham, since 2006

As a Life Coach based in Birmingham I am happy to meet face-to-face or we can Skype anywhere in the world.

A Life Coach plays ‘the long game’. They see your hopes. A Life Coach spots your limiting beliefs and unhelpful behaviours. They encourage, challenge, coach, and support you – and the effects are felt for the
rest of your life!

Not everyone needs a therapist but many need a Life Coach to gain clarity, set goals, and achieve personally and coach quote - the long game

Have you talked to your friends and family – even your boss about growth or ‘stuckness’ (great technical term – don’t you think!).  

… and yet, you’re still not able to sort your confusion out?  If you’ve tried everyone else, try a Life Coach!  


I specialize in helping my clients discover who they really are.  I also help them believe in themselves.  Once you believe in yourself you can tackle anything life throws at you.   

Many of us take a ‘super critical’ view of ourselves.  We usually do it because we think that it’s the only way we will change.  Others may simply believe that they are ‘unlovable‘ or inherantly ‘bad‘ or ‘broken‘ or ‘unworthy‘.  And yet we ‘long to succeed‘.  We feel that we have something to give.  

Here’s a thought: maybe you only ‘learned’ to feel bad about yourself. Maybe it’s simply ‘not true‘.  For a very long time I’ve believed that the ‘still small voice’ inside of us that says – ‘I am more than this’ is our true essence, our true calling – the Truth!  

So why are we so ‘mean‘ to ourselves?  

… Seriously, would you ever condemn a new born baby for not going to sleep at the exact time you wanted them to?  

… Baby’s are loved and coaxed into the right patterns that benefit their life and growth.  

The same is true for you – discover how to …  

WordItOut-word-cloud-1181599⇒ be gentle with yourself.

⇒ forgive self and others.

⇒ discover true motivation.

⇒ take responsibility for your ability to succeed.

⇒ discover a way of working and being that is deeply satisfiying.

⇒ find a balanced way to ‘work and play’ that speaks to your ‘life’s purpose’ not ‘meanness’. 

Be prepared!  

… This Life Coach will ask you questions that will challenge the negative beliefs that you hold about yourself.

… Humans do not flourish under unreasonable and negative criticism and meanness.

… Together we will learn to celebrate who you are and who you wish to become and you will become free to achieve.

We meet face-to-face in Harborne, Birmingham or Skype anywhere in the world!

Why not click here to contact Bev or call: 0121 475 7452 or 0781 649 9503